Gourmet Pastas, Sauces & Oven-Ready Meals

All-Natural Pasta Products in Your Local Store

As a retailer of Pasta Tavola, I have full confidence and trust in the Pasta Tavola brand. Over the past 2 years, we have increased our shelf-space to accommodate greater Pasta Tavola SKUS and products.  Customer demand for convenient, fresh and minimally processed foods continue to be a driving force in the marketplace.”

- Jaime Yeo, Owner of Picton Sobeys

Do Your Customers Want Delicious, All-Natural & Nutritious Food?

The Pure, Homemade Taste of Pasta Tavola products come from our Choice Selection of All-Natural Ingredients. Your customers can pronounce all the ingredients we use!

Great tasting fillings – made with fresh, high-quality local ingredients. When it comes to ravioli, it's all about the filling! Our filling to pasta ratio is higher than industry standard so your meal is jammed pack with flavour and cooks up in minutes!

Our Ravioli and Sauces are immediately fresh-frozen, locking in the nutritional value and flavour. Our products are all natural and we don't add any preservatives, so you'll find us in your frozen section for a longer-shelf-life.

Customers love that Pasta Tavola products are easy to cook up and convenient to prepare.

Contact us for our complete introduction to our pastas, ravioli and sauce lines for retailers: online or over the phone: 613-779-9739.

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Quality, Pasta Products & Sauces You Can Trust!

All Pasta Tavola artisanal products are created in Belleville (ON), where the family business has become a well-loved part of the local community.

We're committed to pure, wholesome food: All our artisanal products are made from fresh, local ingredients, including 100% Ontario Milled Wheat Flour and Canadian Grown Wheat Blends; it’s a shorter distance from the farm to the fork! Contact us for a sample tasting.

Whether it’s Pasta, Ravioli, Sauces or Heat & Serve Oven Trays, Pasta Tavola artisanal products are produced in small batches to ensure uncompromising taste. We deliver right to your store.

Our modern processing facility is safe and efficient, fulfilling all provincial and municipal guidelines.  Many of our products are Ontario Foodland Certified. As well, Certification with the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) is currently underway.

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Pasta Tavola’s range of ravioli and pasta sauces are stocked at grocery stores, specialty food and natural food stores across Ontario.

To see our full range of wholesale products for retailers, contact us directly by form, or call: 613-779-9739.