Belleville Pasta Shop

Visit Pasta Tavola at Our Belleville Pasta Shop

Take Home Gourmet Meals to Share with Friends and Family

“We are a busy family with two boys in hockey. We found your pasta at the local grocer one day and I liked the ingredients so we tried it. The boys loved it and we now always keep at least a bag or two in the freezer for those nights we are rushing out the door. I feel good knowing they can still have a home cooked meal on these days. Thank you for making great tasting food with real ingredients, such a rare find these days.”

- Aimee, Peterborough

Three things you can do at our Belleville Pasta Shop, where fresh pastas and sauces are made from scratch:




Walk In and Purchase Direct from our Storefront. From cooking for one to serving something healthy & wholesome for the family, visit our Belleville Store for quick dinner ideas without all the grocery shopping, prep work and dishes! See our in-store “heat and serve” pasta trays, and swing by to be the first to try new foods we love amongst an evolving selection of artisanal foods, carefully curated from across Ontario and Canada.

Hosting a large event or business meeting? Feed a crowd with “Hot & Ready” Pasta Trays, ready for pick-up in 48 hours. Order a complete meal online and pick it up from our Belleville Storefront. Choose from a gourmet selection of mains, salads and desserts with gluten-free pasta options too. Special Requests: If you have particular dietary requests, we try to help.  Just give us a call on 613-779-9739 or contact us online.

Learn how to make pasta from scratch at one of our pasta making classes. In our Belleville facility, we’ll share our favourite recipes and teach traditional techniques; you’ll also hear the traditional stories that go with them! Stay tuned for new guided culinary experiences in the future!