About Us

About Us

Who we are

Pasta Tavola is an artisanal food manufacturer with an extensive range of all-natural specialty Pasta, sauces and oven ready meals, thoughtfully crafted with premium local Canadian ingredients, like 100% Ontario Milled Wheat Flour, award-winning Ontario cheeses and Ontario and Canadian grown vegetables.

Food-loving grocers stock our products for their food-conscious gourmet shoppers, and busy restaurants serve our farm-to-table Pastas because of its pure, refined taste.

Pasta Tavola keeps a Storefront in their Belleville facility for local consumers to buy fresh Pasta - and to go to cooking classes!

The Story Behind The “Pasta Tavola” Name:

In every Italian household there is a Pasta table - the “Pasta Tavola” - where sisters Victoria & Paula first learned the art of creating extraordinary tasting foods using the simplest and purest of ingredients.

“At our Pasta Tavola, our Nonna taught us how to prepare handmade Pasta from scratch; to be shared with our friends and loved ones.”

Pasta Tavola's contemporary recipes and unique handcrafted blends are inspired by their Italian heritage, and by those memories around the Pasta table. At Pasta Tavola, we uphold this commitment to quality by only using fresh ingredients sourced from farmers we trust, for uncompromised taste.

“All our recipes are tried and tested through our taster circle, and we only sell products if we fall in love with the taste.  It’s food we feel good about serving our families and guests."

Want to enjoy Pasta Tavola products in the comfort of your own home?

Get “Hot & Ready" Pasta Trays in Belleville, or look for our products in these stores, across Ontario.

If you can’t find a product in store, let us know, and we’ll try to help.  Our food is made for sharing after all!

We love keeping our community updated on new recipes and food-related events. Enjoy pictures of life behind the scenes at Pasta Tavola by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.